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Pinterest Inventory Ads

TikTok Automotive Organic Guide

Access Pro Tips and ideas to help your dealership create in-feed content that will go viral.

Pinterest organic guide

Inspire your dealership’s audience with both promoted ads and organic content – the most successful dealers have a mix of both.

Facebook organic guide

Want ideas for your dealership’s Facebook organic content…plus figure out how you can maximize Facebook’s algorithm?

snapchat Organic guide

Maximize your dealership’s Snapchat Discover feed, Lenses, Places, etc. on Snapchat to grow your presence and be discovered – both faster and easier. finding success on Pinterest.

Instagram organic guide

Optimize your dealership’s content for Posts, Stories, Reels and your audience on Instagram
(P.S. Copying what you do on Facebook WON’T work!)

Facebook Ads summary one pager 

Wish you just had a simple overview of the power of Facebook & Instagram? Download this one pager now!

Snapchat ads summary one pager

Showcase your dealership’s vehicle inventory to your audience on Snapchat and double your in-market shopper reach. Learn more in this one-page guide!

Pinterest Inventory Ads

 Pinterest Ads Summary One Pager

Pinterest ads at a glance. Showcase your dealership’s brand and vehicle inventory in real-time to ideal audiences. Learn more in this one-page guide!

Pinterest Inventory Ads

 TikTok Ads Summary One Pager

Discover how to use TikTok ads to display dynamic automotive inventory and reach users spending over 89 minutes per day on TikTok!

tiktok Automotive Playbook

Get details on TikTok’s innovative automotive marketing solutions, how to scale on TikTok, different type of ads within the app + so much more!

Pinterest Automotive playbook

Learn how to leverage Pinterest to successfully reach in-market shoppers and influence shoppers to purchase vehicles from your dealership. 

Snapchat automotive

Discover everything your automotive business needs to know about Snapchat – from who uses Snapchat, how dealers can reach them, how Snap Ads work, automotive case studies, and everything in-between.

facebook automotive playbook

Discover the 4 main pillars of the Facebook Automotive Playbook and how to apply them to your automotive business for profitable Facebook Ads.

Instagram Reels Examples for Dealers

Looking for inspiration for your next Instagram Reel? Check out this page to see 11 of our favorite Reels for auto dealerships.

tiktok examples for dealers

Looking for inspiration for your next TikTok? Check out this page to see 11 of our favorite TikTok videos for auto dealerships.



making the most of facebook messenger

Watch this 10min webinar to learn best practices for maximizing Facebook’s communication tool.


get real with instagram reels

Watch this webinar to learn Instagram Reels best practices for your dealership!


taking on tiktok for your dealership

Learn best practices for creating content for your dealership on TikTok!


get new shoppers in a snap

From your Story to the Discover Feed, and AR and Filters, learn all the ways you can share content on this camera focused app. 


Unwrap Your Holiday Pinterest Ad Strategy

In this webinar, we will prove how running Pinterest ads for holiday campaigns will boost Q4 season success.


7 Undercover Direct-to-Consumer Platforms You Need

Watch the replay of our NADA 2022 Show Workshop on omnichannel strategies, “7 Undercover Direct-to-Consumer Platforms You Need.”

Case Studies

South County DCJR

Partnership Helps Dealership Maximize An Omnichannel Strategy

AutoCenters Herculaneum

How AutoCenters Herculaneum Matched 188 Unit Sales to Social Ads

The First Pinterest Tier 3 Automotive Case Study

We partnered with Pinterest and Healey Brothers Auto Group to test and prove results on the first-ever Tier 3 Pinterest Shopping Ads for automotive.

Nelson Auto Center

How Facebook Became A Top Lead Source for Nelson Auto Center


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