5 Days of Omni-Social

Facebook & Instagram

Reach in-market shoppers on the world’s largest social media platforms.

Video Interview: Facebook & Instagram

Bob Lanham
Head of Automotive Retail

Key Highlights:

  • The future with Meta
  • Change = Opportunity
  • Holistic media mix
  • Measuring objectively
  • Building brand trust

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Did You Know…

Monthly US Active Users Across All Meta (Facebook) Properties

Monthly US Users on Facebook Alone

People Interact w/ Instagram Stories Daily (Worldwide)

of Recent Vehicle Buyers Visited a Meta/Facebook Property

Minutes Spent / Day on Facebook Alone

of shoppers say Instagram is a Key Influence in Buying Products

The Entire Meta (originally "Facebook") Ecosystem

Did you know? Meta (originally “Facebook”) properties go beyond just Facebook & Instagram. Messenger and WhatsApp are also platforms you can use to reach more auto shoppers. With this entire ecosystem, Meta (previously Facebook) properties capture the majority of social network attention.



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