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Spotlight your brand and inventory with scroll-stopping content on TikTok.

Video Interview: TikTok

Ryan Copacia
Brand Partnerships Manager

Key Highlights

  • The most downloaded app
  • The power of authenticity
  • Content vs Social driven
  • Storytelling sells
  • Nurturing a Local Brand

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Did You Know…

Ranked Most Downloaded iOS App

Most Used Social Platform in the World

Monthly Active Users Worldwide

Monthly Active Users in US

Avg Min Spent / Day

TikToks Created Per Minute

Not Your Average Social Platform

Did you know, the TikTok algorithm is a recommendation system that determines which videos will appear on the For You page. It uses a content or “interest graph” vs a “social graph” to determine what content to display.

An interest graph focuses on the specific things an individual is interested in. A social graph focuses on interactions between users.

That means the most entertaining and relevant content wins the exposure, and the recommendation is not based on follower count.



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